How can I become a sponsor?

To become a sponsor, please fill out the form under the ‘BOOK NOW’ tab. We will contact you back shortly with a confirmation of your purchase.

How should I choose a package?

Before you submit a package, please follow the Sponsorship page showing all the different types and benefits of each of the packages.

Do you have a floor plan?

We usually do not have a separate exhibition hall. All table tops and booths are located in the networking area with an easy access to each one of the exhibitors.

When should we arrive to the hotel?

We suggest arriving to the hotel one night before the event to meet our onsite team.

Who is the onsite contact?

This and additional information you will receive in the pre-event email.

What is an exhibition or a table top?

Exhibition space with a table and chairs provided by us, where you can set up your promotional materials, samples, stands/roll-ups (size agreement required), etc.

What is branding?

Branding in the program (logo and company description), logo on event website, logo and / or company / presentation description in social media materials.

Topic of a presentation?

You can give a talk on any subject that is relevant to the main topic of the event. Your presentation should be as close as possible to the Summit topic and not a 100% sales pitch.

Do you have a delegate list? What does it include?

A delegate list can be sent on request. It includes Company name, participant job-title, participant location.

For booking assistance please contact

Gabriela Vladimirova 

Phone: +420 608 743 975 

Contact email: click to show