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Cleaning Validation & HPAPI Manufacturing Summit

This October we will bring together a dense variety of topics that will shed a light on the current situation in the world of cleaning validation and highly potent APIs manufacturing.  

The two-day summit will gather many experts from the fields that go hand-in-hand with each other. We will reach all the aspects that are needed to stay up-to-date, informed, and prepared for challenges in the coming year and beyond. 

If you want to improve your knowledge and expand your network, then the Cleaning Validation & HPAPI Manufacturing Summit is a great opportunity for communication with the pharmaceutical community. 

  • 11th – 12th October 2022
  • Germany flag Germany Munich
  • Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre Hochstraße 3, 81669 Munich

3rd Extractables & Leachables Online Conference

The characterisation of extractables and leachables (E&L) for drugs, biologics, and medical devices to ensure product safety has matured in the last few years. E&L risk assessment is critical to the biopharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing processes.

Since new and more complex pharmaceutical manufacturing and delivery systems are continually developed, many ongoing practical issues and insights around E&L are generated, the current E&L regulations are evolving, and new regulatory requirements are rising.

The analytical, toxicological, and regulatory experts in the field of extractables and leachable will focus at the #VLEnL by Vonlanthen on ensuring safety, quality, compatibility, and regulatory compliance for drugs, biologics, medical devices, and combination products.

Join technical presentations, case studies, participate in Q&A and interactive panel discussion, and explore practical strategies, perspectives, and partnership opportunities at the 3rd Extractables & Leachables (E&L) Online Conference on October 27, 2022.

  • 27th October 2022

3rd Gene and Cell Therapies: CMC, CGT & Vector Manufacturing Summit

The gene and cell therapies clinical impact, production, and processes efficiency depend on the unique challenges related to CMC, analytical, process development, automation, manufacturing, facility design, aseptic processing, supply chain and others that developers of gene and cell therapies must resolve.

At the 3rd Gene and Cell Therapies: CMC, CGT & Vector Manufacturing Summit on November 16-17, 2022, key therapies experts, advisers, and practitioners will focus primarily on:

  • Critical aspects of establishing an efficient, consistent, and flexible CMC strategy
  • Controlling a product’s CQAs by controlling the process’ CPPs
  • Emerging technologies improving effectiveness and CGTPs manufacturing processes and production
  • Major considerations of easing the complexity of vector development and production
  • Crucial components of controlling and scaling manufacturing process and operations for CGTPs
  • 16th – 17th November 2022
  • Austria flag Austria Vienna & Online

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6th Aseptic Processing Summit

The demand of aseptic manufacturing is rising, and, therefore, the challenges of aseptic processing will continue to grow in complexity.

The changes to Annex 1 are bringing new obstacles to pharma company operations that should be overcome from both technical and organisational perspectives.

At the 6th Aseptic Processing Summit on November 17-18, 2022, experts from the industry will highlight the requirements to robust aseptic processing, targeted implementation strategies, recent experience on establishing aseptic manufacturing processes for ATMPs and vaccines in particularly, and adoption of innovative aseptic processing technologies, including robotics.

The #VLaseptic brochure contains additional details and the key insights, as well as information about the concurrent #VLGeneCell. 

  • 17th – 18th November 2022
  • Austria flag Austria Online & Vienna
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Science that Wins: Return-to-Play in Elite Football Online Event

Following our previous magnificent experiences, we are proud to go online with the next edition of #sciencethatwins series, which will take place on November 8, 2022. Our speakers will cover many topics across our two-day program focused on the return-to-play process, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, and performance analysis.

  • 8th November 2022
  • Zoom flag Zoom ONLINE
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Science That Wins: Hockey Analytics and Player Development Online Event

Eager to learn about the top trends and strategies in sports science, strength and conditioning, performance, and tactical analysis, talent identification, youth development or scouting?

Join our live session and discover the latest trends and developments in hockey analytics and player development, focussing on the best practices in performance analysis and player development tools and strategies.

  • 22nd November 2022
  • Zoom flag Zoom ONLINE
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4th EMEA Executive Assistant Summit

We are proud to present the 4th EMEA Executive Assistant Summit and excited to meet you in-person on November 10-11, 2022, in Dubai, UAE. The two-day conference will focus on the latest aspects of the work of administrators, managers, and personal and executive assistants.

Every day, the modern world brings new challenges to administrative professionals. From entering the new reality of hybrid work to a new generation of workers who demand a new approach. Therefore, we have created a program that will bring together the best professionals from EMEA region who will share solutions to pressing problems.

You will get the opportunity to improve your soft skills by working on confidence and leadership, as well as sharpen your hard skills with opportunities to learn new apps and master the ones you already know, making it easier to work in the new hybrid world.

  • 10th – 11th November 2022
  • United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates Dubai
  • Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel Dubai Garden Cross Road, Opposite Ibn Battuta Mall

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Early bird

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Boost Your Career: Technical Skills Training for Executive Assistants

Stay Agile, Rapid, and Lean.  Open a new world of opportunity in the fast-changing hybrid work environment. Many programs we use every day are much more powerful than we think. They can make daily tasks easier and save valuable time.

How do you make use of new features on old apps? How can you automate your work so that you can do more in less time? How can you showcase your skills to be not just a productive employee but also a multifunctional team member? You will find answers to these and other questions in our online training.

This training is aimed at addressing crucial hard skills for modern executive assistants. During this one-day online session you will be able to learn more about Microsoft 365 apps, Canva, and make valuable connections that expand your network with colleagues and administrative professionals from all over the world.

  • 1st December 2022
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4th Food Safety & Quality Summit

This Summit will focus on all aspects of food safety from the farm to fork approach bringing the opportunity to learn from experts in this field and network with them to make practical solutions and evolvements in food safety and quality.

Network with food and beverage industry decision makers to learn from practical discovery, develop plans, and adapt to challenges around the everchanging direction of the food industry. Exchange practical knowledge and explore future developments with fellow leaders in the ongoing evolution of nutrition, packaging materials, and answering market demands.

  • 22nd – 23rd February 2023
  • Germany flag Germany Dusseldorf
  • Dorint Kongresshotel Duesseldorf/Neuss Selikumer Str. 25, 41460 Neuss, Germany

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