Frequently asked questions


1. What are the measures taken during the COVID-19?

As an event organizer, we are witnessing the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the event industry. We are in the process of reorganizing the program and searching for suitable new dates for our upcoming conferences. Like in the previous years, we will be able to provide highly attractive programs for our attendees, and in the meantime, we are delighted to present you with a series of Live Events.

Upon receiving the speakers' final reconfirmation, we will be publishing the details of newly planned or postponed conferences on our website.   Just like the rest of the world, we must adjust. We are taking all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all. Please note that we will not distribute any printed or branded material (pens, notepads...) at our events. We will provide you with the digital version of the conference materials in advance and kindly ask you to print them by yourself. 

2. How many participants are you expecting?

We are limiting all our conferences to a maximum of one hundred people, adopting a new seating arrangement, for safer activity enjoyment meeting the social distancing measures.   

3. What are the hygiene measures taken?  

A hand disinfection booth will be available for all participants. Prior to the conference start, everyone is required to clean their hands before entering the conference room. Apart from providing sanitation services, we will give away free masks.    

Conference rooms will be disinfected daily. The on-site cleaning crew will decontaminate doors, equipment, and high-contact surfaces.   

When passing the microphone during an interactive session, the physical contact will be limited to a minimum. An attendee can post a question or comment using the event hashtag. It will be allowed to send questions to the speaker's screen using your phones without risking anyone's health.   

4. Are you expecting participants from countries outside the event location?   

Yes, we receive a lot of interest from delegates from different countries. Their participation depends on their authorities' recommendations and restrictions.   

5. Is there a possibility to withdraw from the registration for the event free of charge if we postpone it or delegate cannot attend the event?   

In case of the summit cancelation due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, we will initiate a full refund.

If we change the summit from an indoor to a virtual format, we will refund your full registration fee.

If you aren’t able to attend the conference you registered for, you will be provided with a recording version of this event and a free pass for the next edition of the conference.   

6. Is it possible to attend the event remotely?   

Yes. A recording will be available after the conference. You will also receive all the materials and presentations from the speakers.   


1. Where can I find information on an upcoming summit and its cost?

To receive full information, please click the ‘Request Brochure’ button under the specified summit. A brochure with this information will be sent shortly after the request is processed.

2. Where can I find your annual list of summits?

Our annual list of summits can be found on our website under the ‘Events’ tab. Summits can also be searched by category on our homepage. Also, to be kept apprised of our events, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for up-to-date announcements of upcoming events and discounts.

3. As a delegate, do I have access to the list of other delegates attending the summit?

Yes, as a delegate you do receive a list of the other delegates attending. The list is provided after the summit with the documentation package.

4. How many attendees do you expect at each summit?

Our summits an average of 50 – 150 people. The exact number of attendees will fluctuate for each summit. For the exact number of inquiries, please contact us at

5. Who generally attends your summits?

Our summits are B2B events. They are targeted towards and attended by senior-level personnel and industry leaders across Europe, and parts of North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

6. What language are your summits in?

Our summits are in English.

7. What do networking opportunities entail?

Networking is essential to all aspects of our summits. Some exclusive networking opportunities include interactive breaks, a business lunch, and a business dinner. Our most exciting networking opportunity is our ‘Speed Networking’ break. ‘Speed Networking’ is an innovative approach to maximizing networking opportunities through two-minute periods; where delegates can meet their peers and exchange business cards before rotating to the next company representative.

8. How do you facilitate the ‘Speed Networking’ session?

The ‘Speed Networking’ session works by dividing the group into two lines facing each other. Everyone will have two minutes to introduce themselves (stating name, job position, company, what they would like to get out of the summit, and etc.) to the person across from them. Then attendees will be asked to move on to the next person. The idea is to facilitate the initial meeting of attendees. Further discussions and idea-sharing can continue throughout coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner time.

9. Can I only attend a summit for one day?

Although we do recommend attendance for the entire two days to gain the full experience, we realize life has other demands. Please contact for a discounted rate.

10. Can I split the 2nd-day summit with a colleague?

Although our summits are meant to be enjoyed in their entirety by one person, we understand that in special cases you can only make it to part of the conference. So, yes you can split the 2nd-day summit with a colleague.

11. Will I receive the presentations from the summit?

Yes, you will receive the full documentation package including authorized presentations within five working days of the summit.

12. In the situation that I am unable to attend, can I still receive the documentation package and the presentations?

In the situation that you are unable to attend, you will still receive the documentation package and the presentations. Please note, that presentations that are available for download will be subject to distribution rights by the speaker.

13. How do I sign up to become a speaker?

To join the summit as a speaker, click here and fill out the form, we will get back to you shortly regarding availabilities.


1. Can you please provide the hotel information for the summit?

Hotel information for the summit can be found on the summit page on our website. If it is not there, it means we are still planning the perfect location for the summit. As soon as a specific venue is confirmed we will post the information on our website. Registered delegates will be informed by e-mail automatically. If you are not registered and would like to be notified via email as soon as the information becomes available, please email with the following subject line: "name of the event" Venue Request.

2. Do we provide reservations at the hotel for delegates?

We do not provide reservations nor pay hotel reservation fees for the delegates.

3. Are there special discounted rates offered for booking the hotel of the conference?

Sometimes we can secure a special discounted rate for our attendees at the hotel of the summit. Please contact to inquire further.