5 reasons why you should attend a conference

5 reasons why you should attend a conference

Conferences benefits 

Wheyou are looking for new knowledge, latest discoveries, peer's improvement processesyou certainly navigate the internet, you see the latest online courses or YouTube videos. But what if you could find all these combined in one, in a conference. 

conference is specially designed to combine: the latest topics and new skills for you to evolve. The 2020 conferences are much more than the latest topics and skills to gain, we design conferences based on your interest, networking – new opportunities, in great locations so you can enjoy and maximize the benefits of our conference. 

As for the speakers, we always look to bring the best one, with the most interesting and innovative subjects, or the latest discoveries. 

Here are the reasons why you should attend conferences in 2020. 

Latest industry knowledge 

No matter how much you know, time shows that there are always new things that you can learn and improveAttending a conference that brings people together from different backgrounds, cultures with different innovative solutions.             

At one point, you were all new in the field and tried to get deeper knowledge. That is why it´s is always good to share your experience insights with the entry level people or acknowledge a new perspective from a different generation that’s more involved with the latest technology tools  

Lifelong leaders are lifelong learners. At conferences, it’s always good to take notes of the subjects presented, or go back and review the presentations so you can always remember details or get a new perspective about the presented subjects and ask yourself constantly how can you improve or learn in order to succeed 


The most enjoyable aspect of conferences are the peer meetings and the ice breaker sessions that we have implementedwhere you meet all the conference participantstalk to each other and exchange business cards. Later during the conference, you can develop great relationships, because are vital for carrier growth?  

Some of the other benefit of conference networking: include carrier advice, the present job opportunities on the market and maybe find a job you like, all those are crucial for your evolution and productivity.  

In a digital era, real interactions are valuable, and I don’t mean family interactions or friends, I mean likeminded people with the same interest and the same desire to share the knowledge and gain new perspectives. Bringing people together is one of The Vonlanthen Group´s values  our values and the basic life instincts which seems to be less prioritized in the current days.  


New opportunities to connect are the best things that can come out of a conference. Meeting with your peers, that have the same interest and maybe the same goal to succeed can be the greatest occasion for you to build new collaborations for your project.   

Collaborations sometimes can occur immediately or years after, like business partnership, that’s why is important to develop relationships in order to grow faster as a business or carrier  


New ideas 


Attending conferences can bring you new ideas, that you can implement into your work from new tools to use, new digital software or new approaches you can implement.  

Exposure to this type of event sparks creativity and innovation. Getting out of your daily work, can make you see the big picture better, and see the flaws in your workflow, in order to improve them.   


Travel and extend your comfort zone  

A conference is specially created in a location where you can enjoy the rest of the days or maybe take extra days before or after it as vacation  

Attending a conference in a different location broadens your horizon and interacting with different people from different cultures is beneficial for boosting your creativity and it even it lowers your stress level. There are many studies that show that traveling can have a positive impact on your emotional, mental and physical health. 

Working from the same comfort zone has been shown to reduce productivity and creativity levels, as it says in Psychology Today “being comfortable often prohibits us from chasing our dreams.” 

Photo by Xavier Summer 

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Roy T. Bennett 


 I’m sure you can come with many other benefits. 


 If you ever attended a conference, let us know what was the most valuable outcome?