7 Tips for Home Office during COVID-19

7 Tips for Home Office during COVID-19

7 Days Tips and Tricks that Will Help You Have a More Productive Home Office  

Home office can be overwhelming in those days, we created this article in order to make the most out of it, as Covid-19 continues to affect our days, we wish to come with support and encouragement you instead of fear 

When live give you lemons, make a lemonade, this is the mindset that we encourage you to use it.  Enjoy each day and hope that better days are on their way.   

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”    Helen Keller 

Monday - Create a dedicated workspace    

Working from home is now an essential part of most employees' daily lives across the globe. One of the first things you should do while in your new” office, is create a suitable working space.  

 This dedicated area should be quiet, and free from distractions. Getting natural light is important. Together with even a little fresh air can do wonders for your workspace and will help improve your mood during the day.  

Tuesday - Team communication is key  

Like in any situation in life, communication is key. Being able to effectively communicate with teammates will make your days run much more smoothly. Take the time to make sure you fully outline and explain objectives for daily tasks. 

Use video conferencing as much as possible as this can help create better bonds with teammates. Take your time to check up on your colleagues and don’t be afraid to share your concerns about the current situation as this is difficult and challenging time for everyone. 

Don’t isolate yourself #staysocial 

Wednesday -   Plan your day effectively  

When you work from home, that doesn't mean you should work less or more.  

Keeping the same routine as if you were going to the office is essential. Use your mornings to properly plan your day, prioritizing the right tasks.  

Your goal is to work smarter, not necessarily harder. A simple active “To-Do” list can help make large tasks more manageable and help you cope with stress. 


Thursday - Build on your knowledge  

We hope that this outbreak will pass soon. Have you ever wanted to use the time spent on traveling to work and back home on something else? Use it wisely, let’s not waste it on the latest binge-worthy series.  

Take this time to build up your skills or learn new things via online courses and educational videos. You can also dust off a few great books. 


Friday - Acknowledge your achievements 

A better way to do your work, is to set a goal, and ask yourself daily: What steps can I take to achieve this objective 

At the end of the week, look back at the goals you have accomplished and at the areas you still have to woronUse it as a time to praise yourself for your hard work, and to find ways to improve. 

Do not be afraid to reward yourself. 


Saturday - Stay connected 

Now more than ever connecting with you family and friends is vitalvideo calls can make you feel connected even if you are home alone.  

Supporting the senior members during the period is important, as they are the one most fragile and affected.  

If all the family is at home, create quality time, like playful games/karaoke with your kids. These will be valued memories that your children will remember for years to come.  


Sunday - Do the things that you enjoy 

One-week being at home can be challengingthat’s why is important to have plan to also take care of your well-being. 

Put yourself first. This can strengthen your mental healthWe recommend doing things you enjoy, sing, dance, listen to music, meditate or exercise.  

If you are a person who worries, yoga can be the perfect remedy for releasing stress. It has a lot of other benefits and can improve your mood and overall health.