Executive Assistant Conference

Executive Assistant Conference

A Global Executive Assistant Summit: Empowering Executive Support Professionals to Excel Their Careers. 

Vonlanthen Group of Companies is hosting the 7th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit in Rome, Italy. The event will take place at the Novotel Barcelona City on 25th – 26th November 2020.  

Because of the overwhelming response to the past three Global Executive Assistant Summit-Conference, we return this time with the 7th Annual in Barcelona. The role of the Executive Assistant (EA) continues to evolve into a position that requires a delicate and tactful balance of individual responsibilities and team-oriented activities to meet company objectives. The EAs of today are tasked to do all of this while maintaining a unique overview of the company; asserting the need to continue to empower this crucial corporate position with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in supporting their executive.  

EA, PA and Administrative Assistant Summit - Conference

The EAs of today are a new breed of executive support; employing flexibility, tenacity, and passion into their cross-functional position. The purpose of this Summit is to celebrate the EAs of today by providing insights, hands-on tips, and training and workshops led by the leaders and trendsetters of this multi-faceted field.   

Urging the importance of the event, our Chairman, Lucy Brazier states, ‘With the role of the Assistant changing and evolving so fast, the need for in-depth practical and inspirational training has never been greater. It is always an honor to be asked to Chair Vonlanthen's Global Executive Assistant Conference. Their speakers, venues, topics, and organization are always of the highest standard. The role is no longer just a job. It is a career and a profession for over 1 billion Assistants worldwide and Vonlanthen's commitment to its content and speakers at GEA reflects this.’  

Conference insights 

This conference brings together world-renowned professionals and trainers in the field of executive support to share their experiences and insights on what makes an effective EA. During the course of the two days, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about:  

  • Maintaining health and ensuring success in a demanding environment; identifying stress factors and ways to deal with them; becoming assertive to benefit your health and career 
  • Leading by example; build your personal and professional brand to excel your career and mentor others 
  • Tips for managing a healthy and effective relationship with your CEO 
  • Workshops and training sessions to impact your hard and soft skills  

Join the next conference!

We are honored to invite the up-and-coming leaders in executive support positions to this conference to help them accelerate their career development. Join us for the two-day adventure, full of highly-relevant topics, hands-on tips, and training from world-renowned professionalsRegistration is available 7th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit.


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