Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning & Analysis

A Summit on the Current Market Trends and Solutions for Financial Planning & Analysis

Vonlanthen Group of Companies is hosting the Financial Planning & Analysis Summit on October 19th – 20th, 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Living in a disruptive era has many effects on financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals across different industries. Reacting to the volatile conditions of the market, FP&A teams have needed to create policies that are flexible enough and strong enough to deal with these current market demands. To address these new found concerns and provide real world solutions for FP&A professionals, we bring you the Financial Planning & Analysis Summit.

The purpose of this summit is to provide a forum for FP&A professionals to discuss contemporary market trends, including objectives and challenges within FP&A, successful applications of FP&A, and to prepare for the future of FP&A. This event will include an examination of tools and techniques to manage this change with case studies across automotive, IT, pharma, consumer goods, telecommunications, banking, financial audit and consulting industries to show their successful implementation.

One of the expert speakers of the event, Dr. Martin Fritsch, CFO CSI, of DHL, DE expresses the importance of attending this event for other professionals: ‘The FP&A function currently stands at a watershed comparable to the introduction of ERP systems and BPO. Massive changes are about to take place within the next years and I expect the FP&A Summit to provide its participants with a platform to share and discuss these trends. In addition the networking should provide the participants with opportunities to form ongoing relationships to facilitate future exchange of best practices.’


Experts from various industries will come together to share their insights, experiences, and predictions for the future for the next-generation FP&A team. Throughout the two-day summit, attendees will be treated to a vast array of presentations that will provide an overview of the current state of FP&A and what the future holds.

Key learning points of the summit will be:

  • The digitalisation of FP&A tools and techniques including: usage of the cloud, advanced analytics techniques, and agile forecasting and budgeting techniques
  • FP&A team management
  • The market’s effect on the FP&A team’s direction
  • The evolution of the FP&A function
  • The future of financial forecasting and analytics


This summit will assemble a unique and engaging set of senior leaders across different industries that will provide up-to-date and cutting-edge insights to accelerate your FP&A team into the future. To stay in accordance with the current market environment, you do not want to miss out on this imperative event. Registration is available till October 16th, 2017.