R&D Process Excellence Summit.

R&D Process Excellence Summit.

A Summit on the Future of R&D: Leveraging Current Capabilities and Fostering Innovation for Optimizing R&D Performance. 

Vonlanthen Group of Companies is hosting the 4th Annual R&D Process Excellence Summit in Barcelona, Spain. The event will take place on June 1-2, 2017 at Hotel Novotel Barcelona City  

With the overwhelming success of the last three R&D Process Excellence Summits, the conversation continues to evolve with new concepts and approaches being discussed to drive R&D success despite a rapidly changing world. Those working within R&D are currently facing the challenge of declining productivity in projects and a decline in reaching R&D objectives. To combat this and reach the needs of the time, R&D professionals are now tasked with leveraging current capabilities while applying new innovative techniques. This summit aims to tell the story of the current landscape of R&D and how to apply experience, tools, and ingenuity into your processes to continue to excel in a dynamic environment.   


Summits insides 

This summit will bring together senior leaders to discuss the current trends and approaches in maintaining optimal performance despite declining productivity. They will discuss new strategic approaches like, roadmapping and portfolio maximisation to escalate projects and objectives. Throughout the two days experts will develop this story and more by providing:  

  • Success and failure stories in relation to R&D efficiency 
  • How to apply innovative new approaches to existing processes and how to capitalize on these in an uncertain environment 
  • The role of sustainability within R&D 
  • Leveraging tools, technology, and new metrics to drive strategic innovation success within R&D 
  • Fostering a creative and innovative culture within R&D 

Join your peers

A past participant and speaker from a previous edition re-iterates the importance of attending the event by stating, ‘A very interactive summit in which there is ample opportunity to discuss topics in-depth with fellow participants, while at the same time, expanding your network.” 

It is an honour to invite you to this upcoming summit that will provide the unparalleled opportunity to learn the latest tools and innovations in R&D that are peril to your future projects’ success and ability to meet objectives. Registration is available till May 30, 2017.