What Is the Dress Code for Attending a Conference?

What Is the Dress Code for Attending a Conference?

What is the acceptable attire for a conference?

Are you planning to attend a conference? As a speaker or as an attendee? No matter the role, the dress code may call for more formal attire than you are used to wearing in your office. Figuring out what to wear can be a real challenge as it is essential to look professional when networking with a new group of people seeking new business relations.

Still not sure what to wear? Play it business casual.

When in doubt, prepare a professional look. We recommend clothing that makes you feel comfortable as you will be sitting the entire day of the conference. It should be layered, allowing you to dress up or down as room temperatures can vary. Are you a fashionable individual? Feel free to play with the look and let it represent your personality.

Don’t forget to check the forecast.

Are you asking why a weather forecast is important to attend an indoor placed conference? Have you given a thought to an outside conference room networking lunch or dinner in the evening?

Conference organizers often pick places outside of the conference venue for networking dinners. This helps take out some of the formality that occurs during the day, and exchanges it for a more light-weighted atmosphere, making attendees more open to networking.

Don’t underestimate the feeling of a well-balanced outfit to a weather forecast. Even if an indoor event, you will always have lunch, dinner, or maybe other activities planned other than the conference sessions.   

Are you one of the speakers? 

Do your research. Go to the conference website and check out how presenters are dressed from previous events. This will give you an excellent idea of what to do. 

More importantly, your spotless look and confident speaking posture are nearly as significant as the presentation itself. 

If there will be a photographer present, you need to be sure you look good in every picture. When it happens that you forgot to iron out one wrinkle on your shirt, joke about it, the key is to engage with the audience, and feel confident.  

Bling Bling

Keep it low key with your accessories. To appear professional, it is recommended to avoid large jewelry, pompous big belts, flashy clothes print, not well-fitted, or uncomfortable clothes. You don’t want to be remembered as the obnoxious one.