First day of our Triple Automotive event explored the area of HMI, UX & Connectivity

First day of our Triple Automotive event explored the area of HMI, UX & Connectivity

The first edition of the HMI, UX, and Connectivity conference 2021 took place online. Dr. Peter Rössger took on a moderator role and guided our speakers and us throughout the event. The Interactive platform Hopin, provided participants with virtual meeting space to interact and network with all the attendees in a chat, a  call with each other privately "one-on-one, or in groups.



Dr. Peter Rössger 

Dr. Peter Rössger, Beyond HMI founder, joined from Germany to discuss if Humans and Technology are, in fact, a Match or a Mismatch? We need to know everything about humans to shape technology. Not Vice Versa. What role do empathy, intuition, creativity play? We don’t have deep knowledge of how it works or how it is created. What are the megatrends ‘Human in Focus’, ‘Urbanization in Megacities,’ or ‘Liquid HMIs’ about? In his talk, we discovered the future of automotive UX: concepts, trends, strategies in the digital age.  

Dr. Nils Lenke  

Dr. Nils Lenke was exploring the idea of making a car ride an adventure or how we can make the exterior part of the interior because the surroundings do matter. Also, what will people do when they are “passengers” in autonomous cars? Watch landscape? Relax? How can we allow passengers to interact with what's around us? Let's explore the HMI concepts for touristic travel applications presented by Dr. Lenke that Cerence brings to the table. 

Hamed Yahyaei

Hamed Yahyaei, joining the conference from Sweden, shared his thoughts on 3PX, standing for People, Planet, and Profit. Next suggesting the system thinking toolset. Instead of Parts, we should focus on Wholes, observe nature and implement more complex thinking. The key is to involve different kinds of stakeholders to bring a better customer experience while considering the Global Development Goals. In the three Horizons Thinking scheme, we are now in a disruptive innovation phase and in need to be learning from the past to continue in the cycle. Learn from Hamed about how to co-create a sustainable success with the power of design! 

Alexander Eriksson

With Alexander from Volvo, Sweden, next to other things, was discussed the problem of the mode awareness and implications for HMI design for unsupervised driving. “Mode confusion is a multifaceted problem. By solving one another things may arise." 

  • Until AD is widely Available, the challenge will remain. 
  • Managing the HMI to facilitate successful driver arbitration. 
  • Human Factors research should be combined with Automotive design standards, e.g., ISO26262, SOTIF.  

 Siav-Kuong Kuoch  

Technology Enthusiast, Maker and Designer Siav-Kuong Kuoch from Valeo, France, exploring the question of What is more important, technology or user? In his talk, he focused on the topic of how new technologies are creating new opportunities and inspirations to design new experiences. Siav’s Innovation journey and his approach to new technologies are included in our recording package. 


  • It was a pleasure watching! Technically very well organized. Interesting speeches!   

  • How do you see the role of new automotive companies like Tesla compared to the old OEMs?   

  • In your opinion, electrification will be the future of the automotive, or is it just a transition step towards hydrogen propulsion?   

  • Where would the necessary content come from?   

  • How to do the balancing as a designer in more money-focused businesses?    

  • In your opinion, what is more important - technology or user?  


All the questions were answered live. Get the recording to watch all the interesting talks. Are you interested in speaking at our next HMI, UX and CONNECTIVITY event? Become a speaker today.